Cases Against Singularity


"We're all Unique"

Your devices are yours to do with what you want. Therefore people tend to change backgrounds every now and then, they buy a special laptop sleeve or protective case to stand out or and "make it personal".


"The collective blur"

Every once in a while you see a laptop (sleeve or case) covered with stickers. Ranging from favorite brands, bands, random glittery cartoons, you name it. The urge to differentiate from all the other laptops and to stand out from the mass. 

But while trying to stand out and be unique, they step into a collective blur. I call it a blur because once these laptops are filled with stickers, they all look the same and suddenly you're not so unique anymore.

laptop stickers24.jpg
laptop stickers8.jpg

"How to (not) fit in"

Some make it look like they really don’t care how the stickers are placed. Because that makes you look "unique in a rebellious way". Or, on the contrary they position with care, organize and place them by color, typography, statements or shape. Some people prefer minimalistic and others go for full overload.


"the statement"

In this sticker phenomenon non of these cases (pun intended *ba-dum-tss*) are actually unique. So, as a statement against this collective blur I created a serie of MacBook protective cases against singularity which people can buy. 

Now everyone can join "the collective of unique individuals" by purchasing instant sticker case. Save time and curate your own sticker cases. Make a statement, or not. Your choice. You are a unique individual.


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Research project on stereotypical behavior
Concept+Art Direction: Rogier van der Galiën